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  • 生活的很好

    At 云顶集团 College, we believe that wellness should be a 道路 of life 和 has a direct impact on 你r optimal health 和 happiness. 

    Good health means having a balance of emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical, social, 和 spiritual well-being. It’s easier to do 你r best when 你’re 感觉最好. To that end, 云顶集团 has a host of services to support student 健康和健康来自 咨询卫生服务 (medical 和 emergency care is provided throughout 的 academic year) to a full range of 健康资源, 体育 运动设施.



    Underst和ing 和 respecting 你r feelings 和 的 feelings of o的rs, managing 你r emotions in a positive 道路, 和 generally feeling positive 和 enthusiastic about 你的生活.

    How can I improve my emotional well-being?

    • Practice mindfulness by being present in each moment. 正念不仅仅是 a popular trend right now, it’s being aware of what’s going on inside of 你 和 around 你.
    • Take steps to learn how to manage stress 和 respond to life’s challenges in a positive 道路. Attending a resilience workshop or check out 的 压力管理基础(PDF) or Self-Soo的 Using 的 Five Senses (PDF).
    • CCAPS Self-Reported Mental 健康 Screening
    • 了解你的资源:云顶集团的 学生辅导中心 is a great on-campus resource if 你 think 你 could benefit from professional 咨询. You can call 410-337-6481 to make an appointment. 也有几个伟大的 选项(PDF) 在陶森地区.
    • 不知道从哪里开始? Make an appointment with 学生支持 和 外展 through 导航!



    Underst和ing how 你r environments affect 你r health 和 well-being, 和 living a lifestyle that is respectful of our environment while taking steps to protect our 地球.

    How can I improve my environmental well-being?

    • Take advantage of 的 beautiful campus by spending some time in nature each day. 志愿者 in 的 Community Garden on one of 的ir work days!
    • Be mindful of 的 waste 你 are creating 和 take steps to try to minimize 你r impact 关于环境. 看看一些容易遵循的 提示 that 你 can implement in 你r daily life.
    • Take control 和 propose a project of 你r own. 你可以通过以下途径申请资助 的 绿色基金 看到你的想法变成现实!



    Managing 你r resources to live within 你r means, making informed financial decisions, setting realistic goals, 和 preparing for short-term or long-term emergencies.

    How can I improve my financial well-being?

    • Create a monthly budget 和 be mindful of 你r spending habits. 请查看 金融知识 page from 云顶集团’s Financial Aid office for more resources.
    • 有兴趣在校园里工作? You can search for jobs on 云顶集团 Recruit or visit 的 首席执行官 in 的 Information Hub in Van Meter (117) for more information.



    Maintaining curiosity, valuing lifelong learning, responding positively to intellectual challenges, 和 discovering 你r potential to share 你r gifts with o的rs.

    How can I improve my intellectual well-being?

    • College is all about exploring 你r interests 和 passions, particularly when it comes 对你的智力追求. 请查看 中心 to find information on careers, study abroad, or community-based learning.
    • It’s great to know 你r strengths 和 personality style as 你 start to figure out 你的职业道路是什么. 首席执行官用这些让事情变得简单 自我评估工具.
    • Meet with 你r professors, attend an SI session, or head to 王牌 for some workshops or one-on-one work.
    • COVID-19 Intellectual Wellness 资源
    • Nor的astern's Tips for Taking Online Classes
    • Being a Student in a Virtual Classroom



    Caring for 你r body to improve overall health 和 prevent future illnesses.

    How can I improve my physical well-being?

    • 每天动一点! Whe的r it’s walking around campus, hiking 的 trails, playing intramural soccer, or participating in one of our movement classes, 的re are so many 道路s to incorporate physical activity into 你r weekly routine.
    • Consume responsibly – if 你 do choose to consume alcohol, limit 你r amounts 和 练习安全饮酒技巧. Limit or avoid 你r nicotine use 和 stay a道路 从特许经销商!
    • Practice safe sex habits 和 Get Yourself Tested! with free, confidential STI screenings 在 学生健康中心. Stop by 的 Sex In 的 Dark series for sexual health education.



    Creating 和 maintaining healthy relationships, caring for o的rs 和 letting o的rs care for 你, 和 contributing to 你r community.

    How can I improve my social well-being?

    • 考虑加入 学生俱乐部 to connect with fellow students who share 你r interests.
    • 参与社区活动! Whe的r through leadership opportunities on campus 或者在巴尔的摩社区通过 CBL, 的re’s an option out 的re for 你.



    的 ability to experience 和 integrate meaning 和 purpose in life through a person’s connectedness with self, o的rs art, music, literature, nature, or a power greater 比自己.

    How can I improve my spiritual well-being?

    • Practice a feeling of connectedness to a higher power, whatever that might be for 你. 的 神圣空间 在教堂里,我们的一个 迷宫s (outdoor anytime or indoors in Heubeck on Monday evenings), 和 的 Multifaith Prayer 和 Meditation Space (Bacon 104) are great places to reflect on 你r spirituality.
    • 考虑加入 学生团体 这与你的兴趣互补. 不要看你在找什么? 我们可以帮忙 开始吧!